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I am trying to do the sample exams and it is saying "No Access" for some reason.

This is a general question about sample variance. What is a degree of freedom? The reference page given in my Stat textbook doesn't mention it by name, and could not find it here. Thanks so much!

For 14.4, problem 2: I think you got the wrong answer... p= .05 in the beginning, and you looked up .5 on the chart. Look out for this!

Happy 4th July !

For 8.4: Step 4, When testing the stat, it depends on the sample size. We use Z=Xbar - Uo / O(sigma) / sqrt N (if you can understand that) ... But what do we use when the sample size is small? Will there be any small sample sizes for 8.4 questions on the exam?

Chapter 8.2, Problem 7: I noticed for the other problems, we did the opposite or alternative for each value. Ho to Ha. How come we didn't do the alternative one for problem 7?

In, Section 7.4 – Finding critical T values: Problem 2 says: For n = 35 and a confidence level of 98%, however, the video bypasses the degree of freedom, thus gives a wrong answer. Please clarify if I am wrong. Thanks

Also, can we create our own formula cards for the exams? The formulas provided seem a bit different from mine.