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Chapter 1 - Intro

Chapter 2 - Methods for Describing Sets of Data

Chapter 3 - Probability

Chapter 4 - Discrete Random Variables

Chapter 5 - Normal Random Variables

Chapter 6 - Sampling Distributions

Chapter 7 - Confidence Intervals

Chapter 8 - Tests of Hypothesis: One Sample

Chapter 9 - Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests: Two Samples

Sample Exam I: Chapters 1 & 2

Sample Exam II: Chapters 3 & 4

Sample Exam III: Chapters 5 & 6

Sample Exam IV: Chapters 7 & 8

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Good morning Professor! Please clarify as to what I am expected to bring to the exam today...Required tables: Z, T, and P-value? Also I heard you are allowing an index card with all formulas. Let me know if this is correct. Thanks!

Posted to STATS 2 on Wednesday, September 24, 2014   Replies: 2

Professor Mcguckian
8:48 AM EST

Hi Gisselle,

You need to bring the Z and t tables. You may also bring the P-value sheet that is posted. There is a formula sheet posted at our class page under "E1 Formula Cards," or you can use the one for chapters 7 and 8 under course documents in STATSprofessor. You are not allowed to create your own. There is no index card.

Professor McGuckian

8:50 AM EST
Perfect, thanks!

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