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Hello Professor,
I am having a hard time with Complete Factorial Design. Could you post an video explanation of problem number 10.84 on page 532 on the FIU Custom Statistics book? Thank you!

Posted to STATS 2 on Thursday, October 3, 2013   Replies: 2

Professor Mcguckian
11:47 AM EST

Hi Javier,

I created a video for this problem for you.  You wanted me to work out all of the sum of squares and that takes a while, so the video is long. I left out some of the details on comparing the test stats to the critical values because I assume you know how to do that from the other sections of chapter 10.

Just remember that we first test if there is a treatment effect (Ho: No difference among the ab treatment means). If we reject that null, then we test for an interaction effect (Ho: Factors A and B do not interact). If we reject that (i.e. we show there is an interaction effect), we do not need to test if A and B are significant separately. If you cannot show there is an interaction effect, then you would test A and B separately.

Hope the video helps,


8:06 AM EST
I understand everything now, thank you!

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