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Professor I section 7.3 question number 3
A child psychologist wants to estimate the time it takes a child to respond to a question
with a lie while playing the video game Tetris. If the researcher wants to estimate the
average time to respond within a margin of error of 0.10 seconds, and he wants to use
98% confidence, how many children does he have to time while they attempt to
respond with a lie? Assume the standard deviation of response times is 0.6 seconds.

i got 196 children
i used 2.33 for Z is that where i got it wrong ?

Posted to STATS 2 on Thursday, June 25, 2015   Replies: 2

2:27 PM EST
Thank you for the fast response so for the exam and Cl for 99, 98, 90, 80 use the T table ?

Professor Mcguckian
2:51 PM EST

You should use the t-table whenever it is possible to do so because of the extra decimal place of precision. This will ensure that we always get the same value for the answer.

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