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I have a question on a textbook: statistics author: McClave & Sincich 10th Ed. Chpater 11 Problem No. 11.76 "Snow geese feeding trial".

This problem confuses me. I don't know how to calculate the problem with the data set missing a portion of the variables for x and y. Can you please help? Anything will help me!


Posted to STATS 2 on Sunday, October 27, 2013   Replies: 2

Professor Mcguckian
5:22 PM EST

Hi Jenn,

I created a video for this very long problem.  I believe in order to do the problem, you need to use Excel because otherwise it would take a very long time. 

I hope the video helps,

Professor McGuckian

11:02 PM EST
So sorry it was a long problem!! I just really thought that there was a way to do with the data set missing the bulk of the information.

Thanks so much!!!!

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