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Ho and Ha

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8.1 Determining the Claim, Null and Alternative Hypotheses

*Note: in the video there is a small typo in the worked out solution for the third bullet point.  The answer should read Ho: µ = 36.5 and Ha: µ ≠ 36.5.

For the problems below, examine the given statement and express the null and alternative hypothesis in symbolic form:

·        The average weight loss obtained on the Atkins Diet is greater than 4 pounds.


·        The average grade in this class will be at least a 74.


·        The average waist circumference of adult males is 36.5 inches. 


·        The average American has less than $10,000 dollars of savings.


·        The average length of time to eliminate a cold from the body is at most 14 days.


·        The average age of college graduates on the day of their graduation is not 21.



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