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Expected Cell Counts

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13.5 Finding Expected Cell Counts

The table below has data from a 2009 Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality study. The data shows gender differences in response to partner influence and social expectation questions among students who had ever had sexual intercourse. The sample for this study included only students who had ever had sexual intercourse (30.7% of the total sample) yielding 2145 respondents after corrections. The age range for the study sample was 13 to 21 years old (mean = 15.8, standard deviation = 1.19). The vast majority were 14 to 17 years old (93%) and 45% were 16 years old. Less than 2% were aged 13 or 19 to 21.

Did you use a condom the last time you had intercourse?  Male    Female    Total
                                                                                                  Yes  700        744       1444
                                                                                                   No  244        457         701
                                                                                               Total   944       1201      2145
Find E21 (the expected value for the cell in the second row and first column)
Find E22


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