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Is Online Instruction Effective?

Yes! In fact, it can be far more effective than the typical experience found at universities. Most universities teach courses like Statistics in large rooms (often lecture halls with hundreds of students). In that setting, very few if any questions can be posed to the professor during the lecture. Professor's office hours are often limited and crowded with other students. Not to mention, it takes precious time to get to and from the professor's office. That time could be better spent studying. As a result, the typical face-to-face course experience is one where the students watch an instructor lecture in front of them while they desperately try to keep up and take notes. If something is missed, there is usually no way to retrieve the missing information, and often times the instruction is not very clear to the student.

Advantages Over Classroom Instruction

Organized and thorough video instruction, delivered by an excellent instructor, has major advantages over the traditional face-to-face course setting:

Video instruction may not be able to completely replace the need for face-to-face help, but a site like STATSprofessor is far superior to a traditional textbook and a traditional face-to-face series of lectures. The site can be used in conjunction with those other sources, taking what works best from each of them.

Private tutoring was the traditional source of outside help before video instruction, but it is prohibitively expensive and it suffers from many of the same drawbacks that face-to-face lectures do. Well done video instruction is at least as effective as quality face-to-face instruction or tutoring.

In fact, STATSprofessor is used as the only supplement for Instructor McGuckian's online courses, and his students perform as well as students taking face-to-face classes.