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Hi Professor, From #42 of the 7.4 HW, the degrees of freedom is 127 and that number is not on the t-table so I don't know how to get the answer appropriately.
please help, thank you.

  See the professor's answer below.

Professor McGukian

Hi Christina,

In that section, you are trying to distinguish between when to use a z-critical value or a t-critical value. Remember, we are using the simplified rule that states if n > 30, we will find a z-critical value, otherwise we will find a t-critical value.

In the problem you asked about, since n = 128, we need a z-critical value, so you do not need to find degrees of freedom to find the 1.282. All you need to do is to find alpha/2 and go to the t-table. The answer you need will appear in the last row of the table.

Hope that answers your question,

Professor McGuckian

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