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Student Testimonials

We are proud of the kind words we have received and thrilled to see the progress that our students are making. We will be updating this page on an ongoing basis, so please feel free to check back regularly.

Statsprofessor was a really great and easy way to get stats instruction at home. I initially got it mainly for the sample exams but ended up finding the videos from the assignments to be the most helpful when trying to learn the concepts. The site itself is really user friendly and navigable and I enjoyed my experience with it.
- Carmen

I couldn't have done it without Statsprofessor!  The site was very informative and easy to use. The professor goes step by step in explaining how to work out the problem, as well as explaining why. I found the videos to be most useful because I could stop the video and go back if I needed to. This is the most affordable tutoring you will ever get in your life, unless you have a friend who is a wiz at it and is willing to help you. :) I highly recommend Statsprofessor for anyone who has to take Statistics!  Thank you so much, I couldn't do it without you!!!
- Jeannette N

Instrumental to my educational experience, Stats Professor is the most effective learning tool I've ever encountered.  A less expensive, modern alternative to the traditional textbook. The format is clear, concise and practical beyond measure. Initially, I was content with passing my statistics class. Today I am beside myself using stats to provide me with valuable information. Unequivocally, Stats Professor is my best professor!
- Joy M

This website is phenomenal! I learned everything I needed to know to receive an A in the class without having to attend class. Each video is very thorough and informative he gives more than enough examples. Professor McGuckian goes into great detail and explains every topic clearly. I am horrible at math and he makes statistics easy to understand. This website works MIRACLES!
-Guardia J.

Would not have aced my classes without it! Dane McGuckian's StatsProfessor website has to be the easiest and most efficient way to learn statistics. He explains the concepts clearly and an concisely. Many examples are provided to clear every and any misconception you may have. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want an A. Aced both Stats1 and Stats2 because of it. Great website!
- Giovanny Z.

With math being my least favorite subject, I did have my doubts that would help. I thought this course would be difficult, but with the help of the website, I was proven wrong. With the amount of videos to help your understanding of the material, it made Statistics 2 less difficult than I thought. Professor McGuckian gives you plenty of sample videos and did a great job explaining them thoroughly. If you are too intimidated to ask the professor for help, Statsprofessor is your best option to help you out! The idea of having a website to help out students for any statistics course was an incredible idea.
- Taylor V.