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Chapter 1 - Intro

Chapter 2 - Methods for Describing Sets of Data

Chapter 3 - Probability

Chapter 4 - Discrete Random Variables

Chapter 5 - Normal Random Variables

Chapter 6 - Sampling Distributions

Chapter 7 - Confidence Intervals

Chapter 8 - Tests of Hypothesis: One Sample

Chapter 9 - Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests: Two Samples

Sample Exam I: Chapters 1 & 2

Sample Exam II: Chapters 3 & 4

Sample Exam III: Chapters 5 & 6

Sample Exam IV: Chapters 7 & 8

Problem 1

9.9 Inference Procedures to Compare Two Population Proportions: Independent Sampling

Alternate day fasting (ADF) is an alternative to the traditional carbohydrate reduction (CR) weight loss strategy.  ADF requires patients to eat 75% less calories every other day for a prescribed period (usually several weeks).  Research has been done to determine which method is more sustainable.  One hundred patients were placed on the ADF plan for six months; at the end of the study 79 of the patients had remained on the plan.  One hundred ten patients were given a CR plan to follow for six months, and 81 patients remained on the plan after six months.  Using a 5% significance level, test the claim that the proportion of people that can remain on the ADF plan is the same as the proportion of those that can remain on the CR plan for six months.

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