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Course Documents

Chapter 1 - Intro

Chapter 2 - Methods for Describing Sets of Data

Chapter 3 - Probability

Chapter 4 - Discrete Random Variables

Chapter 5 - Normal Random Variables

Chapter 6 - Sampling Distributions

Chapter 7 - Confidence Intervals

Chapter 8 - Tests of Hypothesis: One Sample

Chapter 9 - Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests: Two Samples

Sample Exam I: Chapters 1 & 2

Sample Exam II: Chapters 3 & 4

Sample Exam III: Chapters 5 & 6

Sample Exam IV: Chapters 7 & 8

Example 132

Example 132: Recent studies have indicated that low carbohydrate diets are at least as effective as low fat diets in reducing weight.  Does it matter which low carbohydrate diet is followed?  Two samples of overweight, premenopausal women were randomly assigned to either the Atkins diet or the Zone diet for one year.  At no point in the yearlong study was total calorie consumption different between the two groups.   The results of the study are summarized below.  Construct the 98% confidence interval for the true difference between the weight loss amounts achieved on the two low carbohydrate diets. 

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