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Problem 1


A researcher suspects that men, if given the chance, would lie about their heights. She suspects that they would try to say they are taller than they really are. To test this, the researcher first asks the male subjects to report their heights, and then she actually measures them. The subjects do not know they will be measured. Use the data below and a 5% significance level to test the claim that men would report a taller height than what they are in reality. These subjects were between 12 and 16 years old. Do you think this could have affected the results?
Reported height      68   71    63  70      71 60    65    64 54     63   66  72
Measured height 67.9 69.9 64.9 68.3 70.3 60.6 64.5 67 55.6 74.2 65 70.8


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