Two-Sample t-test w Equal Var

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Good evening Professor,

As I was doing Problem 3, from section 9.4 of the videos I noticed the following:

You had used the mean of men first then the mean of women in the claim giving you : Mu(m) Mu(m)
This lead to my alternative hypothesis being: Ha: Mu(w)> Mu(m)

Because of this when i got the test stat value of -7.5926, it would have landed on the left side of my bell curve, when my rejection region was on the right tail. I know since it is such a big number we initially suppose we will reject Ho, but I was wondering if it mattered in this case whether we began with men instead of women, since by starting with women like I did would lead to support Ho and reject Ha.

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I need help with question 18 from section 9.4. Could you please show how you get the test stat of 11.44, I get something different.
Thank You.

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