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Hello Professor,
I am having a hard time with Complete Factorial Design. Could you post an video explanation of problem number 10.84 on page 532 on the FIU Custom Statistics book? Thank you!

  See the professor's answer below.

Professor McGukian

Hi Javier,

I created a video for this problem for you.  You wanted me to work out all of the sum of squares and that takes a while, so the video is long. I left out some of the details on comparing the test stats to the critical values because I assume you know how to do that from the other sections of chapter 10.

Just remember that we first test if there is a treatment effect (Ho: No difference among the ab treatment means). If we reject that null, then we test for an interaction effect (Ho: Factors A and B do not interact). If we reject that (i.e. we show there is an interaction effect), we do not need to test if A and B are significant separately. If you cannot show there is an interaction effect, then you would test A and B separately.

Hope the video helps,


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