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Professor, I really don't understand this problem. Can you please help? I feel like not enough information is given.
The Journal of Sport Behavior studied a variety of exercise workouts. One group of 38 people varied their exercise routine in workouts while a second group of 38 had no set schedule or regulations for their workouts. By the end of the study 14 people dropped out of the first exercise group and 23 had dropped out of the second group.
a. Find a 90 confidence interval for the difference between the dropout rates of the two groups of exercisers.
b. Conduct an appropriate test of hypothesis for the difference between the two groups, using the p-value, at α = .10

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Professor McGukian

Hi Jenn,

I have created a video to explain how this problem is done.  It's a long one, so I rushed through it a bit.  Let me know if you still have questions.


Professor McGuckian

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